Friday, April 22, 2011

Broken Review One

So like I said in earlier posts that I handed over a manuscript of my first draft of my book over to one of my mom's friends who asked if she could read it, get someone out of my family to tell me how it is, someone who doesn't have any ties to me. And....she loved it! She 20 something but usually she doesn't read paranormal kind of stuff which is what my book is, otherworldly :)

I'm really excited; who know just a piece of paper can mean so much to a person. So with all do here is the very first review of my story,

              Hi Ashley-

                    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your writing. I have to admit that that particular genre is not what I would usually pick up; so the fact that it kept my attention really impressed me. Every time I put it down, I looked forward to the next time I picked it back up. What I enjoyed most was how descriptive your writing is. you really have a knack for making it easy for the reader to visualize a particular scene in the book. Because of this, I could totally picture it as a movie!
                    I also felt like the way in which you slowly developed each character was very smooth. It's important that the reader start to feel almost like they know the characters and you definitely gave me that sense. All in all, a very fun read- great plot, good sense of humor and exciting! The only thing I would look out for is minor grammar and sentence structure issues, but i'm also aware that what I read is your 1st draft and grammar is not the main focus when you're first putting your ideas down. I hear you're already working on number two! I'd love to check that one out as well when you are done.
                    Thank you for letting me preview it. It was my pleasure.


So a very good review, I'm glad she found it exciting and wants more. Including wanting the second book and in the end that's the goal, right? If you have more than one then it's always good you leave them wanting more and I'm glad I did.

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