Sunday, May 15, 2011

To: All book lovers

Found the next morning, Friday, in the playroom
    Thursday night just a few minutes after I got out of the shower my brother comes knocking at my door to bring me some bad news. Now for a book lover this part may/is going to hurt.
    He brought in the current book I was reading, How to ditch your fairy, and it was chewed up baddly. My brother said you can still read it and that was true but it hurt painfully to see that happen to a book mostly if it's yours.

Thanks to our lovely two year old alaskan malamutes, also known as gentle gaints, they enjoyed their reading for the day (well night). However it's been forever since they did this to a book so it was kind of a surprise to me. Plus where I had the book they had to work to get. It was stacked on a bag from borders that had three, THREE books in it, two of them hard cover one not, but that bag was, too, stacked upon something; two notebooks and the review of my first book, Broken. So they really had to work for it because all of that was on top of my desk which is about hip size to me.

Buck or buba bracing on the back of the couch next to my dad who may or may not like this picture (love you dad :p)
Maya or wolfie, because she looks exactly like a timber wolf but it maybe hard to tell in this pic. Whom inspired me for a character in my book
Both of whom are between the weight, 100 to 110 pounds, maybe more we haven't weighed them in forever and height, well, when Buck stands on his back feet and standing straight he's about 5'8, the height of my younger sister, and Maya she's as tall as my younger brother, 5'5 or 5'6. So I'm officially the shortest person in my family :(   

    So I'm thinking maybe they were wrestling or chasing each other and accidently knocked it down because that wasn't the only thing that fell the whole stack did. But thankfully they didn't get the new books out of the borders bag because that would have been heartbreaking if they did. So i'm kind of stuck. I want to read a book but not that one, with all the chew marks and lost cover, then I think about reading the next book I got, The Ghost and The Goth, but I don't want to start another one when I was just getting into the other, you know. 

   But on other news my Broken manuscript is with my mom's BFF Donna who is going to give me the kind of criticism I need. Who'll be reading word by word and making sure things make since. The last time I heard she was enjoying it but it sounded like a trilogy to her, which it is so....also lately I've been either hand writing my second book or retyping it onto the computer 

                            Currently Reading: How to Ditch Your Fairy, sorta
                            Current Song: The World I Knew by Jordin Sparks made for the movie African Cats

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