Friday, July 29, 2011

New Blog

But don't worry I won't forget about this one, to those who read it. I created this for my book series, to talk about it and it's progress and nothing more. But I have more I want to say. So that why I created another. I'll be doing book reviews (I've gotten better....I think), tv/movie reviews, and other random stuff I want to talk about, stuff I can't talk about here, on this blog because it would take away the point on why I created.

The new blog was in hopes of co-hosting it with my sister but right now she's not so sure about. But between you and me I'm pretty sure she'll change her mind. When, don't know but she can start whenever she feels like it. :) Time to have some fun....<3

Thursday, July 14, 2011

All of it back

So, kind of late, but whatever.

Monday mom got back the rest of the chapters from Donna, 11-26, and yesturday I just started to dive into the editing for them.

Today it just dawned on to me that this might actually happen. I just have one more person that needs to read it, get a cover, copywrite it, then work on self-publishing it. Sounds crazy, right? So as I'm going through it, sometimes I'm catching myself as just another reader, reading a book I just got off a shelf and I'm seeing that this is actually pretty good and I get sucked in at moments with two of my favorite characters. A little weird but it gives me confidence that I might have actually found my calling and it brings chills. :) 

You know what would only help out on my confidence even more is a full on detail review from Donna which I have asked my mother to get from her and I can't wait to see what she likes. Over all, all she's been saying is that she loves it, but I want a little more.

I adore this song and it's even going to be on the soundtrack for my second installment, Taken, and I can't wait to write down that scene.... :)