Thursday, July 14, 2011

All of it back

So, kind of late, but whatever.

Monday mom got back the rest of the chapters from Donna, 11-26, and yesturday I just started to dive into the editing for them.

Today it just dawned on to me that this might actually happen. I just have one more person that needs to read it, get a cover, copywrite it, then work on self-publishing it. Sounds crazy, right? So as I'm going through it, sometimes I'm catching myself as just another reader, reading a book I just got off a shelf and I'm seeing that this is actually pretty good and I get sucked in at moments with two of my favorite characters. A little weird but it gives me confidence that I might have actually found my calling and it brings chills. :) 

You know what would only help out on my confidence even more is a full on detail review from Donna which I have asked my mother to get from her and I can't wait to see what she likes. Over all, all she's been saying is that she loves it, but I want a little more.

I adore this song and it's even going to be on the soundtrack for my second installment, Taken, and I can't wait to write down that scene.... :)

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