Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Harvesters (Harvesting Series #1) Excerpt 2


The Harvesters (Harvesting Series #1) by Ashley Hill
Publication Date: November 27th 2012
Genre: YA Horror
Pages: 29

When she finds her boyfriend shackled to a white metal table Ashley feared for the worse.

On a small trip of dropping off a package for Jason’s father, the young couple never thought they would be running for their lives. Running away from supposedly friends whom in turned to be a family of harvesters.

Human harvesters and they are looking for something specific. And Ashley just might be the perfect match for that something.
Thinking on my feet, I make a fake lead by opening up the basement door then I head into the kitchen. In the kitchen, I went straight for the stove. Looking over my shoulders, checking to see if the guy was coming, I twist the stove’s knobs to turn on the gas.
A pop and in moments blazes of fire come forth, showing all six burners were working. Smiling in satisfaction, I twist on my heels and scan the room for a weapon. Seeing nothing in plain sight, I start to go through drawers.
Finding a drawer full of knives, I pick up the biggest and closest to grab. Pulling it out, the long, rusty, square butcher knife felt good in my hand. Running a finger along the blade, I knew it would be sharp enough to cause damage.
Perceiving a truck leaving the grounds, afterwards a shotgun going off towards it, I slam the drawer close and look up. Waiting for the father to come in after me. Slowly, I walk along the kitchen island and look down the doorway, towards the front of the house.
The front door slammed open, revealing a muttering middle aged man. Holding the shotgun, barrel of two, he walks to the foyer table and pulls on the drawers forcefully. As he went through them, I ducked behind the wall of the stairwell.
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