Monday, September 23, 2013

A personal Thank You

First I just want to say thank you to everybody! Thank you to all those who spread the word and thank you to all those who kindly offered your help to my need.
So, to say the least I'm excited to say I got not just 31 bloggers in two in a half days but I've gotten 34 bloggers!
Yeah, I'm excited and so grateful!
My first personal thank you goes out to Diantha Jones for posting her rant about unprofessionalism. If it wasn't for that post I may have never had the courage to write my own and this blog tour may not have done as well or might not ever have happened. So, thank you girl for helping me out!
Next goes to Jaimie Admans for making such an awesome Blog Tour Banner! She was so generous and I'm so grateful that she took time out of her day to do it for me. Thank you so much, I truly love it!
Third thank you goes to Jovon @ Book2Buzz for constantly tweeting about the sign ups for my blog tour. And I mean constantly! haha. That means so much to me and it always put a smile on my face every time I got a notification about her tweeting. That was so sweet of you, thank you!  
Another on goes out to Kristin @ Better Read Than Dead for emailing me an apology even though you shouldn't have to apologize for Catie's wrong doings. But nonetheless, I truly appreciate it. So thank you for going out of your way to right all of Catie's wrongs and I really hope she doesn't hurt your name.
Then I want to thank the people I contacted and they all jumped at the gun, offering all the help they could offer. Even the ones that don't normally do blog tours, thank you E. Van Lowe. I felt like I was bothering all you guys yet you were there to help and I'm so grateful for you guys showing your support towards me. Thank you with a big bear hug!!
All 34 of you guys helped show me how truly great this community is and it just makes my heart beat a little bit faster. It shows me that I'm at the right place and that I feel like I truly belong. So thank you guys for making me feel this way. Also, thank you to all those that signed up for the blog tour in the first place and coming back to help out with this one. It all means a lot! :)
I love you guys and I'm sure by now you're all pretty tired of hearing this.....well, reading this but Thank You!!
Again thank you and thank you to all those that offered more than just wanting to sign, for going one step farther. If I need help I will most definitely go to you guys!
So, I have to say now is.....Let's have a rocking tour!
I'll be sending out the special request of Interviews, Guest Post, and Top Five Facts out during this week. I want you all to have them before the tour begins so this can go as smoothly as possible :)
So, Thanks again and see you guys soon!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Harvesters Blog Tour Schedule

Hey Everybody,
I just wanted to thank all of you for banding together and helping this indie author out. It means so much to me that tomorrow I'll be posting a Personal Thank You, to thank all of you and then some! :) 
You guys Freaking Rock!
Okay, onto the schedule-
If you need me to move you, just let me know if anything changes
~October 1~
Emma’s Ramblings onSupernatural Fiction- Book Spotlight, Excerpt, Guest Post
~October 2~
Turning Pages- Interview
~October 3~
~October 4~
~October 5~
Reading... Dreaming- Review, Giveaway
~October 6~
Bookfever- Top Five Facts
~October 7~
Be The Spark- Review
~October 8~
~October 9~
A Cauldron of Books- Book Spotlight
~October 10~
Writing Dreams- Top Five Facts, Excerpt, Book Spotlight
~October 11~
Stacy Claflin, Author- Interview, Giveaway
~October 12~
Sharing Links andWisdom- Review, Top Five Facts
~October 13~
I Read Indie- Interview
~October 14~
Indy Book Fairy- Book Spotlight, Interview
~October 15~
A Place on the Bookshelf- Review, Guest Post, Giveaway
~October 16~
~October 17~
Book2Buzz- Review, Interview, Giveaway, Excerpt, Top Five Facts
~October 18~
Danita Minnis- Guest Post
~October 19~
~October 20~
~October 21~
Darian Wilk- Review
~October 22~
~October 23~
GingerRead Reviews- Top Five Facts
~October 24~
DJ's Book Corner- Interview
~October 25~
Fuonlyknew- Review, Book Spotlight, Giveaway
~October 26~
Lovely Reads- Review, Guest Post
~October 27~
Wicca Witch 4 BookBlog- Book Spotlight, Review, Top Five Facts
~October 28~
Amber Daulton Author- Book Spotlight
~October 29~
~October 30~
E’s Blog- Guest Post
~October 31~
Dalene's Book Reviews- Interview, Giveaway
Again, thank you guys so much! You're the best!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Blog Tour Invite: The Harvesters (Harvesting Series #1) by Ashley Hill

My awesome author friend, Jaimie Admans , created this for me! 
So, since my paid tour host bailed, I'm putting my own tour together. Want to know more about that then go here, Wasted Money and Unprofessionalism Sucks!

It's going to run between October 1st through October 31st. This isn't a reviews only tour so if you don't feel like reviewing but would love to help out, well don't worry, we've got fun stuff for you too! Guest posts, Interviews, Excerpts, Top Five Facts, Book Spotlights, and Giveaways. Choose your pickings y'all. I've already got 17 people, so I only need 13 more. Thank you so much to all that have signed up already! :D
The Harvesters (Harvesting Series #1)
The Harvesters (Harvesting Series #1) by Ashley Hill
Publication Date: November 28th 2012
Genre: YA/NA Horror
Pages: 30
When she finds her boyfriend shackled to a white metal table Ashley feared for the worse.

On a small trip of dropping off a package for Jason’s father, the young couple never thought they would be running for their lives. Running away from supposedly friends whom in turned to be a family of harvesters.

Human harvesters and they are looking for something specific. And Ashley just might be the perfect match for that something.