Wednesday, June 22, 2011


rythem & beat it's a big part of a writers, scratch that, it's a big part of any bodies world. Whether its rap, pop, r&b, or even country....yes, even country. It's there in our lives where every we go. So today I'll be talking about one song in particular.

The first time I heard this song was on a show called, Harper's Island, the best show I've every seen that had all my favorite elements and I was truly surpised in every episode as I watched them one by one. Sidenote: right now I would like to say sorry to all those people that I got hooked onto the show, truly sorry...sorta.

Anyways the song is called, Letters From The Sky by Civil Twilight. And I fell in love with it the moment I heard it. Though in the show it's a very sad scene, so every time I hear it I tend to vision that specific scene. So here's the scene,   

This song is actually going to be the theme song for the main girl and the guy she's slowly falling for but it's going to be a part of the third installment and yes, I already got that scene planned out and it's going to be closely to the end. So excited. :) But sadly I can't get to it right now because I have yet finished the second. Then again, with me, I already had the ending for book two in my mind before I even got started on the first. But, trust me, I will not forget it. It's going to be a truly powerful scene.    

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