Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wha'ts up

So probably a short one but I need to post something...

     ...I've started working on my second installment and I think it's going very well right now. My plan for this book is 260pg, 26 chapters 10pgs each, and I think in the long run it'll help some much. No goals on how many words I think I'll just stick with what's above ^^^.

In this one I'll have all the originals plus some new ones to the cast. I'm excited :) to say the least, my stomach is fluttering and I can't wait to dive into this storyline I've got for the second one.

And latest news on the first one, Broken, my moms friend Renee is enjoying my book.  "Intrigued" was her comment today. She's close to finishing and I can't wait for the feedback she's got for me.

Currently Reading: My Fairy fair Godmother
Current Song: Can I Go Now by Jennifer Love Hewitt (who knew)

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