Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sewing Project #1

On Monday I found out in my class we're going to be working on our first sewing project for the semester. 

We're doing pajama pants and I'm excited. On Wednesday we met up in Joann's to pick our patterns and fabric. Of course I saw many patterns I loved but I'll have to get them another time.

The picture above, the blue pants, is the pattern I'll be doing with this kind of fabric. 

It's cotton and it's just my style. When I saw it I knew that that was it and nothing else was going to satisfy me.

Here's another pattern I feel in love with, which also happens to be my first choice. However the teacher saw there were pockets and asked if I ever sewn before. Nope, sip, zero. So she thought I should look for another pattern.

Although, I think you can just not do the pockets cause in the picture, the girl with the black strip and poka dots, didn't have any. But whatever. I still bought it.

My mom can't wait for me to learn how to make them because she loves pajama pants. She practically lives in them, well, when she's home that is. So, when I do I can make them for her and my sister. 

That's it for now. I'll keep you posted on my first sewing adventure...

Love & Peace,


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