Wednesday, February 29, 2012

End product (1)

So, just last night I finished (though stressed and been pricked to many times to truly say) my first sewing project, Pajama Pants, for my class.

Now, silly me, I forgot to document ever step but I promise next time(when I start my second project for class, which is next week) I'll make sure I do so.

I turned it in today but she gave them back so I'm not for sure if she graded them or what. Humph, oh well. She's the teacher she knows what shes doing.

But overall the experiences was great and my mom can't wait till I can start making them for her. And, neither can I, however I'm packed full with school right now (mostly my crazy days are Monday's & Wednesday's).

I had fun making them and once I got the hang of it I was moving in no time. Hopefully next time I won't prick myself as much.

Love & Peace


Happy Life Everybody!

p.s they are very comfy

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