Saturday, February 18, 2012

How cool.....Indie Author love towards Reviewers

So, late last night I decided to pop over to a favorite indie author's blog of mine and found out he posted about some resent finds for his book Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb- mainly reviews and he commented on the ones he liked. And, surprise, he happen to talk about mine. *screams* How cool is that.

And I thought it was only cool that he followed me, but, talking about my blog on his is double the awesomeness than before.

Now, the indie author is MJA Ware and his book is Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb and you can check out my review for it here.

I, of course, was filled with excitement when finding this and I just had to show it off to my family. They all were very proud of me. :) I left a comment and found out there will be a second to this book and I just can't wait.

So, enough rambling, I'll show you the parts where he talked about me but if you want to see the whole blog you can click- here.

Google Digs Up New Reviews & Deranged Zombie Teddy Bears post by MJA Ware

"In theory Google News Alerts tells you anytime someone posts news, a blog, or even a new webpage about you or your book.

However, as I recently figured out, the alerts sometimes miss blogs (and other pages) that the Google search engine picks up. I was recently searching for an old review of SZJMB on Google when I noticed pages that I had never received alerts for.

This lead me to search Google for undiscovered links to Super Zombie Juice. Most turned out to be worthless, mostly Amazon affiliate links. But some were Gold. I found two reviews and two mention of my book in blogs!

First, I found a great blog: Paranormal Sisters. They gave SZJMB 4.5 stars and wrote a great review. Here's a quote:

"Over all I totally loved and am happy with how it ended, with a slice of sense of humor. But I want more. Whether more of these characters or more of MJA Ware writing, which is lucky we get two bonus short stories along with this book. Yay. "

My reply is: Don't worry Dashley, book 2 is coming along! If you've never heard of this blog check it out, it has some great reviews and they provide updates on Free paranormal Kindle books."
How cool. Plus, I just had to print out the page of his post so here's a few pics-

You know when you first open a business and when you get that first dollar bill you just have to frame it.....

....well, this is how I feel. I'll be putting it in a paper protector for my blog binder. :)

When I first read it I was filled with excitement and blushed with what he had to say. So, Thank You MJA Ware.
Some how I knew this year was going to be great, but, I never knew how great.
Definitely a top moment for 2012.
Love & Peace
My other blog I've talked about before is Paranormal Sisters.
For those of you who don't know me personally or haven't been here since the beginning where I posted about this new blog. Well, it's mainly a book reviewing blog but you can find other things there, like, Movie reviews plus some talk about music. A second thing that dominates my life. 
Also, it is finally co-hosted with my sister Tahsa, so you'll be seeing her more around the blog. Woohoo! 
Happy Life Everybody!

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