Saturday, February 12, 2011

What it's all about...

...The Broken Installments (My book series), I give to you the summary of the first installment which is called Broken.

Jane’s mother had just died so the only place she has left is her grandfather’s, who she hasn’t seen in a long time. But the thing is she’s never really been to his house before, all they have ever done was phone calls, letters, and the occasional web cam.
She always thought it was weird that her mother wouldn’t let her go see him in his home town, her mother would always tell her, “When you’re older then I‘ll take you.” a promise she sort of kept…for the worse.
Now that she’s landed in Penridge, Minnesota she meets up with the mysterious Emerson boys who just happen to be living with her grandfather since their father is gone most of the time because of his job. One of the boys is nice where the other isn’t and the reason behind that may have something to do with her.
While along her journey she’ll find out more about her history and herself, than her mother let it up to be.

Now its only a rough draft i have to add in the wolves since they too are a main part in the book but yet to know were the put them in the summary. At the moment my goals for this book are; 60,000 words and 250 pages. I know for sure I'm going to make the word count, even going to surpass it, but the pages are ringing up low. i have indeed made it pass the half mark for the pages but I doubt I'll make it to 250 though I know I'll pass the 200 mark.

Yes i know since it is a rough draft, the first, i can add or subtract, hopefully just add. So I'm not trying to stress to much. However i have a question for you guys, though i highly doubt anyone is going to answer me, How do you make your chapters so long?

I'm just wondering. I've talked to my sister about it, which thanks to her I've gave up at trying to make them long, she told me "just when it feels right" and i have been doing that lately, but I'm still curious as to how you guys do it.  


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