Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Writing Wednesday Update!

Hey Everyone! 

Last Friday I published the sequel to, Wants of an Incubus, called Needs of an Incubus! You can buy it here! The last two weekends I had Wants of an Incubus for FREE and the promotions went really well, like being #28 on the Top 100 Free in the category Paranormal Erotica! Totally amazeballs! Crosses fingers I'll get more reviews! 

Also, The Hype PR hosted a Release Day Blitz for Needs of an Incubus and I'd like to think all the bloggers that helped promote it! You guys are awesome!

Also, I'm looking for some reviewers so if you're interested in reading Wants of an Incubus and it's sequel, you can sign up here! 

Now onto what I've been working on-

I broke 10k on the word document for The Gleaners last week! I hit a little rough patch but I think I'm breaking through it and I'm almost to 15k.

I also started to work more on the spin off to Annabelle's story, already wrote a little bit more than 2k and I'm really enjoy writing it! My Muse is definitely speaking to me on this project more than on The Gleaners. But my goal is still to have The Gleaners published this year because I know readers have waited long enough for it. 

That's it for this week! To stay connected to me here are my author links-

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