Thursday, July 2, 2015

Harvesting Series got a New Look!

In early June I decided to hire someone to format the Harvesting Series to give it a fresh look, what do you guys think? 

I absolutely love it! I definitely feel like they're more professional that way, like I am too in a way and I love this feeling!! It feels amazing to see what I envision come to life! 

And the amazing woman who was able to do this, who I can't wait to work with again, is Jaycee at Sweet N' Spicy Designs! Her prices are affordable and she's truly easy to work with, very professional! It was such a good change after having to deal with someone not professional....  

Anyways, you guys should definitely check her out!  

It's amazing to see your work come to life!

Thank you so much Jaycee!

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