Thursday, December 15, 2011

Updated blog & Review #2

Hi Everybody,

I'm back to doing this blog. I gave it an updated look and yes, I love chocolate. What women doesn't, really. Plus, chocolate helps us feel better in our dark times. And by dark times, I mean, when I become with writers block and can't write a signal word.

Though I'm getting better with fighting it. Yay, me!

If you noticed I changed the name. Instead of just talking about one of my series I'll talk about my processes in all of the crazy, fun ideas that pop into my head anytime of day.

Just yesterday, one popped up after/while I was watching Scream 4 with my sister- review for Scream here. It'll be a short story and I've already hand written 13 pages for it. It's contemporary. Not many of those came to me and stay contemporary. But this one is, yay! My first one and I'm so excited.

Anyways, a few weeks ago I got back my first book, Broken, from another reader my mother found among her worker friends. This time was different. Not only my mothers friend was going to read it but she was going to read it aloud. It's one thing reading it in your mind and it's another reading it aloud. You never know how it'll be taken by that person or how well it really sounds out into the air we breathe.

So, Lisa, decided to read it to her 15 year old daughter because she found out about it. And when my mother told me I was kind of taken back, maybe even a little nervous, because I've yet read it out loud so.... this was new to me. But in the end my worries needed no more because they both loved. Yea! *wipes forehead*

I even got a written (well typed) review from Chloe, Lisa's 15 year old daugther. And, of course, I'm going to share.



First off- thank you very much, for sharing it with us. We had a great time reading it together. She would read a chapter or two out loud and then I would. I thought that you wrote a very good and entertaining story. I really have nothing bad to say about it. If I were to make any suggestions- I would say maybe during the drive to her grandfathers home you could have talked more about Jane/ her mom and her background. Like where she was from and to maybe build up her personallity a little more.

I would have loved to learn more in the beginning about where she had lived and to get to know her. I really like to understand the identity of the main characters in the beginning :).

Over all we truly enjoyed the story. Thank you again for sharing it with us.



I love getting feedback and I'm sooooo glad they enjoyed.

So, while I'm off between semesters I'll do a read through of this book and get back to working on book number two.

And I would love to get some feedback too, from any readers I may get. What do you think of the title/tag of the blog? I may or may not be sold on the tag yet. It's still a working in progress.

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