Saturday, March 5, 2011

Almost done

Last night, 11:40pm, I finished the end of my book. However, this doesn't mean I'm done with my book. No, I'm still working on it, the part before the actullay ending and if I don't finish it well then it wont make sense, will it?

I'm getting close I can feel it, it's just I haven't been inspired lately. Maybe it's because it is the ending and I just don't want it to sound lame. I want it to flow and smooth along the pages till I get to the part I already have finished. And if I'm subconsciously stressing (which I probably am) it's probably blocking my creativeness with a wall of some sort. But I promise you I will get over this bump. I don't want to let myself down, because I have a tendency of not finishing what I have started so I can't fail now. For me and for the many people who know about this book.

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