Friday, February 3, 2012

I love when new ideas come

For me I can get inspiration from anything. From a movie, something someone said, nature, etc.....

Like, just the beginning of this week I popped over to Selena Gomez's song Hit the Lights and a scene where she's walking backwards in a corn field sprung up an story idea. A short story idea.

And just Thursday I was thinking about the characters and their names on my way home from school and I fell even more in love with the idea. I can't tell you the names of the characters, it's kind of a surprise. Because they're so dear to my heart (let's just say, these people mean a lot to me) and they helped fuel the story line even more. Completely giving me full vision of the story. *goosebumps*

I can't wait to start working on it. However, I feel like doing an anthology. I'm not for sure with the same theme has the short story idea I'm talking about because I don't have many and the people I want to ask may not. I don't know.

Though I want to. Anthology, that is.

This short story idea is contemporary. It's about young adult love and I'm excited. I'll work hard to make it not sound cheesy because, well, I've never truly been in love before. Not the love that the characters are in.

Right now it's going to be told in male perspective. I'm not sure if there will be two point of views just yet. The other would of course be in the girls. Will see as I start writing it.

To be continue....

Love & Peace


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