Friday, February 11, 2011

Reasons why...

So, my name is Ashley Hill (if you haven't notice yet) and this blog is designed mostly around my book seires called The Broken Installments. Right now I'm still working on my first draft for my first novel called Broken and one day I hope to publish it, rather with or without an agent, self publish or with a little help from a publisher, but no matter what I want it to be out in the world for people to read

At first when I started writing my novel I really didn't plan on wanting it to be publish but my dad kind of talked me into, to just try and see what happens, it doesn't always hurt to take risks, right? I started writing this story as a fill in as I awaited for a book to come out, which was the third book for the darkest power series writen by Kelley Armstrong, and well it got turned into something more.

Now you know the reason for the blog (my series) but when I started, writing, I never thought about doing something like this but I got inspired by a indie author Keary Taylor, who's written two books, Branded and Forsaken, and published. I've read the first one branded and i think its a great start for a series but I have yet read the second.

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